a traveling exhibition on buses in Malta and Gozo,

a Project realized with Willi Dorner in the framework of https://valletta2018.org/events/square/


WIELS/ Contemporary Art Centre

Project Room, Brussels

Opening I 7.03.2018 6:00 pm

Opening II 8.03.2018 4:00 pm

Opening III 9.03.2018 2:00 pm

Exhibition duration

10.03.-25.03. 2018



Sculpture Sculpting



1974 Born in Mödling, Niederösterreich (AT)


Photographic education at die Grafische, Vienna, A

Schule für künstlerische Photographie, Friedl Kubelka, Vienna, A

2005-2014 Student at the Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, class of Heimo Zobernig, Diploma with Distinction 2014: "Failing the Original" 


since 1996 working as an artist and freelance photographer (Architecture Photography, Reproduction and Object Photography, Documentations of Exhibitions, Cooperation with Willi Dorner)


2000 - 2012 leading the photodepartment of mumok, Museum of Modern Arts, Vienna



2005 Cité des Arts, Paris, grant by BMUKK, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, A

2010 Villa Arson, Nice, grant by Mr. Olle Gulin

2013 Residency in Rome, grant by BMUKK, Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, A

2015 Staatsstipendium für künstlerische Fotografie, BMUKK/ whole year grant from the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Austria