Building Narratives

open house Festival Vilnius

Sports palace Vilnius

permanent Installation since 07/2020

Stages of Transition

Willi Dorner und Lisa Rastl

Bildraum 07

10. Juli 2019 bis 13. August 2019


Fotografie als Motiv

eine Ausstellung mit Arbeiten von Caroline Heider, Lisa Rastl und Claudia Rohrauer

im Rahmen von © Foto Wien

11.04.-17.04. 2019

Urban Playgrounds

Taikoo Place, artist tree,

Hong Kong

27 Mar 2019 - 12 Apr 2019

Living room

in the frame of MIL Festival, Santiago de Chile

January, 2019


a traveling exhibition on buses in Malta and Gozo,

a Project realized with Willi Dorner in the framework of Valetta, cultural capital 2018


WIELS/ Contemporary Art Centre

Project Room, Brussels

Opening I 7.03.2018 6:00 pm

Opening II 8.03.2018 4:00 pm

Opening III 9.03.2018 2:00 pm

Exhibition duration

10.03.-25.03. 2018



Sculpture Sculpting

something on Jeff Wall

mumok, Wien, 2003